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December 28, 2015
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Artificial Grass in Schools and Nurseries

Children love to play outdoors! But there are many problems with creating a surface for children that’s safe and effective. Concrete is very harsh and hard, wood chips degrade and disperse easily and even natural grass becomes muddy and tough.

That’s why Artificial Grass is a fantastic alternative. When children are outdoors we want them to feel at home in their environment. Ugly surfaces like concrete and aggregates are unsightly, artificial grass is a close alternative to nature that is cost effective, soft and it looks just like the real thing!
No need to worry about nasty cuts and scratches. trips and falls are much more safe on fake grass. It’s no surprise then that in recent years more and more schools, nurseries and sports facilities are taking on the advantages of artificial grass within their play surfaces. They need something that's safe, soft and can withstand wear and tear without looking degraded and patchy. We’ve seen our synthetic grasses withstand even the most aggressive playing areas and sports time and time again.
Artificial grass surfaces have an array of great benefits when used in a school and nursery environment. They are:

- Safe
- Cost effective
- Durable
- Low maintenance
- Tough
- Flexible
- Aesthetically pleasing
- Practical

So take a look at our grasses or feel free to get in touch with us for some friendly professional advice!

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