Artificial Grass in Schools and Nurseries
December 28, 2015
December 30, 2015
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Garden and Residential Lawns

Ever wanted the perfect lawn? Fed up of the constant mowing, watering and maintenance? Are your pets running your garden into a desolate mess? Or are you tired of seeing a dull winter view?

Artificial Grass is a perfect solution to these common problems at home. If your tired of trying to maintain your regular garden its a great option with added benefits, Artificial Grass really is starting to take a place of its own in the garden, with designers and businesses.

Over the years we’ve worked with countless customers to over come many everyday problems that lawns and outdoor spaces cause. Below we will outline some common problems that many homeowners have when it comes to regular lawns with artificial grass being a solution to all of them.

- People are so frustrated with muddy patches on their lawns. Often you want to keep your lawn in good shape but children and pets or just the nature of your lawn causes it to become muddy and patchy. Say good-bye to this common problem as well as muddy footprints and paw prints around the house and patio.

- Children love playing on artificial grass. It’s soft, delicate and feels like the real thing and parents love its safety and lack of mess.

- Fake grass looks and feels great, it enhances a gardens appearance and versatility.

- Keeping a great lawn means constant mowing of the garden. This cumbersome job is no longer needed when artificial grass is installed.

- Our grass has a high UV stabilisation

- The grass is incredibly easy to shape and cut into various shapes and sizes. A few of our customers had really complex lawns and features but it was no problem for us to shape our grasses to their needs.

- The grass looks just like the real thing! We have different sizes, colours and blends to make sure you feel comfortable with the appearance of your new grass.

- No lead are in our products

- No more watering the lawn and using up masses of water in the summer periods!

Artificial grass is becoming more and more a great addition to peoples gardens. The reviews it receives are fantastic and we always go away with happy customers.
Artificial grass is being used in children nurseries, schools, football fields, playgrounds, exhibitions and more, because of its magnificent usability and durability.

Old decked garden areas and dull patios make way for this long lasting, cost-effective alternative. Enabling the garden to be enjoyed and used all year round. The grass enables homeowners to rely on the garden annually for get-togethers, parties or maybe a relaxing night out in the garden.

Once more our fake grass is great for contemporary, small spaces. With lack of space keeping a small lawn can be really difficult, especially with the constant use. Artificial grass makes these small areas aesthetically pleasing and modern. Fitting in to a great design with ease!

So if you are looking for a year round garden, rain, shine, snow or frost Artificial Grass is a perfect long lasting solution to your garden or home.

  • Wow, it looks so much like the real thing. We've had our neighbors pets around here with the conservatory open not a muddy paw print to be seen!
  • Just wanted to say thank you so much for our new grass. Benji and Poppy love it. They play on it all the time. So pleased with the end result.
  • A big thanks your for the great job done transforming our garden into a more usable space for our son. Your employees worked extremely hard in difficult and unusual circumstances we would certainly recommend your company to anyone.
  • A massive thanks to everyone at WAG, my lawn looks fantastic, everyone who sees it things it's the real deal.
  • Great products, great prices - many thanks for the friendly and knowledgeable advice.
  • Love it !!!!!!!

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